Merry Christmas!

So this happened:

  1. Caroline travelled to New York City with Creighton Blue Crew
  2. Caroline appeared on TV in Madison Square Garden
  3. Bev made Caroline to go to Mixxed Fit with her
  4. Caroline became a Mixxed Fit Instructor
  5. Courtney travelled to Peru
  6. Kevin earned a Masterís Degree in Education from Loyola Marymount University
  7. EVERYBODY travelled to Los Angeles for Kevinís Graduation
  8. Bev and Caroline and Grandma travelled to Los Angeles for Anelaís Graduation
  9. Grandma tried to walk to Randyís House
  10. Kevin travelled to Thailand
  11. Kevin travelled to Cambodia
  12. Kevin travelled to Vietnam
  13. Bev and Jim travelled to Hawaii to check on Momís house
  14. Grandma tried to walk to Emmyís House
  15. Courtney moved into a new place and got new roommates
  16. Bev started misting the house with essential oils
  17. Grandma tried to walk to Artís House
  18. Caroline started fall semester at St. Louis University in Madrid, Spain
  19. Caroline travelled to Loyola
  20. Caroline travelled to London
  21. Kevin started teaching at Kennedy High School
  22. Caroline travelled to Barcelona to see Fifth Harmony (solo trip)
  23. Caroline travelled to Segovia
  24. Grandma won $100 at Muckleshoot Casino
  25. Caroline voted in her first Presidential Election
  26. Caroline travelled to Dublin
  27. Courtney travelled to Pullman to watch WSU beat Oregon for second consecutive year
  28. Caroline travelled to Lisbon
  29. Bev and Jim renovated the bathroom
  30. Caroline travelled to Segovia (again)
  31. Jim rushed the field after the Huskies demolished Stanford
  32. Caroline travelled to Salamanca
  33. Caroline travelled to Granada
  34. Kevin started coaching JV basketball at Kennedy High School
  35. Caroline travelled to Rome and saw Pope Francis
  36. Caroline travelled to Paris
  37. Bev and Jim and Grandma travelled to Las Vegas to visit Auntie Esther
  38. Courtney and her boyfriend Brett travelled to Hawaii
  39. Caroline travelled to Seattle
  40. Jim and Kevin travelled to the Peach Bowl in Atlanta

  41. The Cacabelos Family wishes you a Blessed and Happy 2017!

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